Bridge the Path to a Gorgeous Smile with Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can be both inconvenient and embarrassing. Dental bridges can cover up this gap effectively while keeping your beautiful smile intact. Dental bridges work as a bridge between one or more missing teeth by being placed atop teeth or implants that already exist. The bridge is brought to shape to make your smile look fuller and natural. And at Four Corners Dental, we have the best dentists carrying out treatment for dental bridges near Cobblebank, helping you fill the gap in your teeth through dental bridges.

With dental bridges to the rescue, you can push your self-conscious back and make way for the confidence lurking right underneath.

Why are Dental Bridges Vital?

Often, a missing tooth can result in other avoidable dental problems which worsen the state of your teeth. Getting dental bridges to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth is vital in order to:
  • Prevent the strain caused to the neighbouring teeth
  • Keep the teeth at the sides of the missing tooth from leaning toward the gap
  • Prevent the bite from altering
  • Avoid tooth decay or diseases of the gum
  • Prevent food from accumulating in the gap
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The Different Types of Dental Bridges

You can choose from a number of dental bridges near Cobblebank to bring back your smile.

Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges are made using ceramic or with porcelain fused to metal. These are the most common types of bridges that involve a false tooth or implant cocooned by dental crowns that are cemented to the abutment teeth. This is generally done when the teeth next to the gap are natural.

Maryland Bridges

Maryland bridges are somewhat similar to traditional bridges. However, where traditional bridges make use of dental crowns to hold a tooth in place, Maryland bridges have a metal or porcelain framework bonded to the back of the abutment teeth.

Like traditional bridges, Maryland bridges can only work when you have natural teeth next to the gap left by the missing tooth.

Cantilever Bridges

A cantilever bridge is yet another bridge similar to the traditional one. In a cantilever bridge, however, the dental crown is only cemented to one abutment tooth. In this case, a single natural tooth next to the gap is enough to implant the bridge.

Implant-supported bridge

These bridges make use of dental implants rather than frameworks or crowns. In the case of these bridges, an implant is placed surgically for every missing tooth.

Get Your Dental Bridges at Four Corners Dental

At Four Corners Dental, we help choose the right type of dental bridge for you, ensuring the aesthetics of the bridge to give you a natural look.

Book a consultation with us today to find out the best procedures for your dental needs!

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