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Too many missing or damaged teeth should never be an excuse to miss out on the sweetness of life. It can not only increase your discomfort but also reduce your confidence day by day, making you self-conscious and embarrassed to interact with people.

Further dentures that aren’t fitted right can be equally uncomfortable and keep you from eating everything you can with natural teeth.

What are Dentures?

  • Dentures are prosthetics that are designed to replace teeth that are missing. While conventional dentures are usually removable, there are certain designs that are bonded to natural teeth or implants.

Why Opt for Dentures?

Getting dentures near Brookfield over other dental treatments have more benefits than you can count.

  • Dentures are more affordable compared to other dental procedures and treatments.
  • Dentures improve your bite.
  • There are no restrictions on eating with dentures.
  • Dentures are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Dentures can prevent further damage or oral health issues.
  • Dentures provide the support your cheeks and lips need when they start sagging inward due to the gaps left by missing teeth.
  • Dentures give your confidence the boost it needs.

The Types of Dentures You Can Opt for

At Four Corners Dental, we use a metal-based framework or plastic, keeping the patient’s condition and need in mind. Often in cases of emergencies, a partial plastic framework is recommended. Metal frameworks are recommended for permanent replacements and are as strong as natural teeth.

Partial Dentures : Partial dentures are ideal for people who only need a few teeth replaced. The dentures can keep the other teeth from shifting towards the gaps left by missing teeth.

Complete Dentures : Complete dentures are recommended in cases where all your teeth are missing.

How Can Four Corners Dental Help?

With years of experience and the best team of dentists aboard, we are best equipped to design dentures for our patients near Brookfield, both partial and complete. Through a thorough check-up, we are better able to determine the right kind of dentures for you and design customised dentures for you that fits you just right. We also keep the aesthetics of the dentures in mind, ensuring that they look as natural as possible and enhance your overall appearance.

You can get in touch with our dentists at Four Corners Dental to find out more about dentures near Brookfield and their costs.

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