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General dentistry is a practice that covers multiple dental specialties to maintain oral health. Four Corners Dental has the best dentists practicing general dentistry near Atherstone, ensuring seamless and effective procedures to bring back your gorgeous smiles.

What Areas are Covered Under General Dentistry near Atherstone??

General dentistry covers the following procedures that each help in the prevention, correction, and restoration of your teeth.

Preventive dental care:

Preventive care includes every essential treatment vital in maintaining your oral health. This includes regular check-ups with your dentist, teeth cleanings, etc. The routine check-ups will also allow your dentist to suggest the best possible measures to take in order to keep your teeth in the best condition.

Restorative care : This field of dentistry is vital in treating teeth that have suffered structural damage. Restorative treatment involves procedures such as dental crowns, dental bridges, inlays, onlays, dentures, implants, and more. Further, restoration of the damaged teeth ensures the enhancement of your overall appearance as well as your confidence.

Fillings : Cavity can lead to a hole in the tooth if left unchecked. Filings are used by dentists to seal such holes in the teeth so that there are no chances of infection or further cavity. These fillings can either be metal or tooth-coloured with each offering benefits specific to their properties.

X-rays : X-rays are yet another part of general dentistry wherein dentists are able to identify what the issue with your teeth is through images of your jaw bones and teeth. This helps identify signs of decay, trauma, or cavity in the teeth, allowing early intervention through treatment.

Restoration of implants : If you have an implant that is suffering wear and tear over time, it is always best to restore the implant in time.

Sealants and fluorides : if you are susceptible to cavities, sealants and fluorides can help prevent your permanent teeth from decay right from the start. This involves placing a plastic resin over the tooth surface to seal it, ensuring that it can never suffer decay or cavity.

At Four Corners Dental, our general dentists help you with your routine check-ups as well as through your restorative dental procedures efficiently. The cost-effectiveness of our procedures makes us the best clinic for general dentistry near Atherstone.

You can book your consultation with us or enquire about our services over a call to better understand the possibilities of procedures required for you.

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