Dental preventive care or preventive dentistry is a modern method of making a significant impact on your general health by maintaining good oral health. In general, dental preventive care should be carried out as a routine. Four Corners Dental offers dental preventive care for a fixed period of every 6 months.

Our highly experienced dental hygienist will offer you a high standard preventive care depending upon your oral condition.

What We Do?

At Four Corners Dental, we offer preventive dentistry with the combination of regular dental check-ups along with teaching good habits to our patients. Here, we are mentioning habits like regular brushing and flossing.

In addition, various preventive tips like teeth cleaning and teeth fillings will be done by our dental hygienist depending upon the individual’s oral health. By developing these good dental habits and performing regular dental check-ups right from childhood, one can maintain good oral health for life.

Here are the procedures we follow during our dental preventive care:

  • To get you to maintain good oral health, our dentists will first check your teeth and gum thoroughly
  • Thereafter, our dentists will carry ‘scale and polish’ procedure, which clears all plaque and tartar from your teeth
  • Next, our dental experts will guide you on how to brush or floss your teeth after every meal or drink you take. This procedure will help you remove bacterial ‘plaque’ from your mouth permanently
  • If your oral conditions require any fillings, our dental experts will perform those too
  • And, finally, our dental team will analyse your diet and suggest suitable oral care products 

To know more about our dental preventive care service and book an appointment with our oral hygienists atour dental care centre in Melton, dial (03) 9994 0001 or you can mail us on

Preventive Care
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