Dealing with tooth infection at the root? A root canal treatment at Kurunjang is the way out!

What is a Root Canal?

People are often worried about how their teeth look from the outside. However, what’s within counts, even when it comes to your teeth.

Root canals involve the removal of bacteria or infection from the root or core of the tooth. With the infection so deep-rooted, the infected tooth can cause tremendous pain and decay to the tooth. Root canal treatment helps save the tooth from further decay by getting the infected bulb out in time.

What Instances Cause Enough Tooth Damage to Warrant a Root Canal Treatment?

Infection of the tooth can have a number of reasons. While most of these are due to the habits a person has or the condition of their oral health, certain reasons most common

  • Trauma
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay left untreated
  • Decay underneath a filling
  • Grinding of the tooth
Root Canal Treatment

What Does a Root Canal Treatment Near Kurunjang Involve??

If you have been suffering from immense pain in your tooth, a regular dental check-up can notify us about the possibility of infection in the bulb. With an X-ray, we can identify the cause of pain and find out whether it is the nerve that is affected. The x-ray can also help diagnose any other tooth infection before the pain worsens.

Once the need for a root canal is diagnosed, the following measures are taken:

  • The nerve that has been infected is removed and the area cleaned using an anti-bacterial solution.
  • The canals that have been cleaned are then sealed off using filling materials to prevent bacteria from causing further infection.
  • A crown or permanent filling is placed to protect the area or canal and to give the tooth its right shape to make it functional.

Why Choose Four Corners Dental?

At Four Corners Dental, we help carry out a seamless root canal treatment near Kurunjang with the latest equipment and techniques, ensuring painless dental treatment for every procedure. With an exceptional team of dentists trained and equipped to carry out effective and painless root canal procedures, you can bid toothache and infection adieu at an affordable price.

If you have been dealing with a toothache or an infection, a consultation at Four Corners Dental can help determine whether you are in need of a root canal treatment. You can book a consultation online or make an inquiry on the contact details shared.

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