Experiencing Pain Due to Impacted or Crooked Wisdom Tooth? Get a Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal in Melton.

Wisdom teeth or third molars are the last teeth erupting in your jaw. Many times, there is no space left for them to develop or in some cases, they might also be covered by gums. Such issues might lead to pain or infection. 

What is the wisdom tooth removal process? How is it performed?

  • Wisdom tooth removal is a process that refers to the extraction of the impacted or partially grown wisdom tooth to relieve you from infection and pain.

    Initially, during your examination and consultation, your dentist will carry out a comprehensive check-up to determine whether your wisdom tooth is in a good condition or whether it can cause problems. In case your dentist feels that your third molar can cause a dental problem, then they will suggest a painless surgical extraction of your wisdom tooth. 


    During this process, your dentist uses anesthesia for numbing your mouth during the surgical procedure. Hereafter, an incision is made in your gums to expose the bone and tooth. In case any bone is jamming access to the root of your wisdom tooth, then that removed. Also, if the tooth position is difficult to reach, then it is divided into various pieces for removal. After extracting, the site is cleaned and stitched up. Then, gauze is softly placed on the operated location to prevent bleeding.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

How can wisdom tooth removal help?

Although it’s not true that all wisdom teeth lead to problems, still if your wisdom teeth are growing in a crooked manner or are getting impacted then you can be vulnerable to pain and infection. They can also lead to severe jaw pain. So, in some cases, it becomes necessary to remove your wisdom tooth and save yourself from dental problems

Are there any aftercare instructions post-extraction?

Here are some instructions which you need to follow after a wisdom tooth removal procedure-

  • Take enough rest for one or two days and avoid strenuous physical activity.
  • Drink ample water and avoid intake of alcohol or carbonated drinks. Also, avoid consumption of hot and caffeinated beverages for a day. 
  • Avoid eating hard and spicy food as it can irritate your wound. Consume soft and semi-solid food for one or two days. 
  • Dentists instruct you to not brush, rinse or use mouthwash for 24-hour post wisdom tooth removal. After 24 hours, make sure that you brush gently. Also, rinse your mouth with salt water after our meals.  
  • Lastly, avoid smoking or chewing tobacco for a minimum of 72 hours post-surgery as it might delay the healing of your wound and might also cause new difficulties. 

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